Treatment Modalities

CBT: focuses on changing thoughts (which are negative in nature) in order to change the behavior and emotional state associated with the thoughts.
DBT: has 4 essential parts: 1. Core Mindfulness Skills, 2. Interpersonal Effectiveness skills, 3. Emotion Modulation Skills, and 4. Distress Tolerance Skills
Narrative Therapy: focuses on the person’s individual “life story,” and how their experience(s) have shaped the story.  It places emphasis on wording, and discovering “new” truths to the person’s story.
Motivational Interviewing: by exploring the ambivalence, it supports the person in his/her goals towards change.  The person’s core beliefs and values are the focus, and maintains these as the facets for change.
Solution-focused Therapy: Places emphasis on “what is working” and not “what is not.”  It focuses on the strengths of the person while developing goals that are specific to the individual.
Gestalt: focuses on gaining an awareness of emotions and behaviors in the present rather than in the past.