About Me

Shannon uses methods that incorporate your needs and goals for therapy into a holistic client-centered approach. A “holistic” approach means that I believe all your unique systems and conditions (physical, mental, emotional, social/relational, familial, occupational, present and historical) are important to consider within the therapeutic context.  Shannon incorporates Narrative, Gestalt, CBT and mindfulness therapies that focus on your inherent strengths and preferred outcomes or goals for therapy.
Shannon provides counselling for a wide range of concerns, for individuals, families and couples.  These problems may be anything that stands between you and the goals you have set for yourself.  Her orientation lies in helping people uncover solutions to resolving the personal and professional impasses facing them.  Shannon  believes that most people can benefit from counselling at some time in their lives, and is continually impressed by the capacity that people possess for bringing about change in their lives.
Shannon is adamant in establishing, and maintaining, a warm, compassionate, and therapeutic relationship in which the client’s experience is understood, respected, and validated.
Shannon is straightforward and, at times, very direct.  Shannon’s practice is based on  Cognitive-Behavioral, Narrative, Family of Origin, Solution-Focused and Mindfullness theory.  She understands that each person is unique and so are his/her concerns.