Services Provided

What does Shannon specialize in? She specializes in youth and adult  concurrent disorders (anxiety/depression/PTSD) and substance use/misuse.

What does “concurrent disorders” mean?  It is when a person is struggling with substance use concerns as well as mental health concerns.

Are there any additional concerns Shannon works with?  Yes!

Shannon works with people that have concerns with anxiety, depression, anger management, relationship and family issues as well as GLTB and sexual health concerns.

All Services:

Individual Counselling: (110.00 +HST per hour)  *there is a sliding scale option as well

Counselling can be brief or long-term, depending on your needs and situation.

Relationship/Family/Couples Counselling: (120.00 + HST per hour & 1/2) *there is a sliding scale option as well

Resolving critical relationship issues in one’s family and building healthy attachments & positive connections.  Shannon assists the family/couple to explore strengths/weaknesses, issues of control and intimacy, communication and communications styles.  Goal setting, boundaries and other issues that are related to the family of origin.


Group Counselling: (200.00 +HST per hour & ½ based on groups of 6-8)


Developing community resourcefulness & resiliency.  The groups and subject matter range from:

* Communication and boundary setting

* Self-awareness and life stage development

* what to look for, and how to communicate, with your teen/pre-teen in areas such

as drug-use/sexual health/bullying/disordered eating

* coping with concurrent disorders, ways to de-stigmatize the labels attached to the

mental health concern

*Anger management/ways to address anger/conflict resolution

* Relaxation Training

*Stress Management

*Trauma Recovery

For Organizations/Agencies/staff members:

Group Clinical Counselling: (300.00 +HST per 1 & ½ hours based on groups of 6 to 8)

This allows staff to discuss difficult/challenging clients.  As well as a space to apply new techniques and be given feedback.  Clinical supervision is essential in helping organizations and individuals succeed in their work, maintain a healthy and supportive environment, and explore ways to maintain self-care to avoid burnout.


In addition to supervision, the following seminars are also available:

* Therapeutic Conversations about self in relation to family across generations

* Maintaining a sense of order in conditions of chaos

* Ways to incorporate Mindfulness into everyday practice

* Defining “burnout” and ways to combat it.

* Learning to utilize challenges & realize opportunities

* Ways to develop boundaries between workplace & family

* Redefining the “resistant” client

*Please note: that all groups can be tailored to meet the participants’ needs.  Please e-mail Shannon with any additional concerns you wish to have addressed and she will do her best to incorporate it into the sessions!