Shannon helped me develop a plan, and set goals that I could see and make manageable for my lilfe.  DF

I didn’t know how much being away from my parents at a young age really affected me.  I realized just how much I wanted to be validated.  I now have a better sense of myself.  Thank you. AL

My boyfriend and I didn’t know anything else but fighting.  Shannon helped us actually stop and listen to each other. We learned why we fell in love in the first place! nk & sk

I was smoking weed everyday.  My doctor was giving me meds and the more I took the more I didn’t want to be around my friends.  Counselling gave me the courage to talk to my doc, and take control of how and what I wanted out of my life. WC

I leared that I am not alone.  Doing the group helped me, and it gave me hope. SD

The group was great!  I was able to talk about my drinking without worrying what anyone thought!  I felt heard! ML

I would encourage anyone to see Shannon. I went with a set of preconceived ideas on what I needed. To my surprise it went a lot deeper. I have to say it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but also one of the most rewarding. It made me re-evaluate my relationships with friends, family, colleagues but most importantly myself.  FD

I feel that I have made a good start in overcoming my depression and the related problems in a relatively short period of time.  Thank you for your help!  AW

What I thought I needed help with, turned out to be so different.  I had no idea what/why I was running from my emotions.  I thought I just needed to know how to talk to my GF better.  It was deep; and got me to really look at myself. Thank you. ET